Each of us has own unique set of skills. Thus, the N1 retains the ability to move efficiently in any direction

Nykyta Izmaylov
Founder of N1, entrepreneur.
Knows everything about Ukrainian fintech and feels trends well.
Oleksii Kulyk
Fintech partner. Starts fintech projects from scratch and scales them. Accelerates the growth of companies, is responsible for research, business strategy and management.
Iryna Baranenko
Investment Director. Engaged in organizational design and financial diagnostics builds efficiency systems, helps in the implementation and implementation of strategies.
Kyrylo Medvediev
Legal Director. Responsible for financial structuring, corporate organization and consulting. Has strong background in IT.
Yevheniia Izmailova
Organizational expert. Structures and optimizes processes, creates organizational structures, manages projects, organizes effective interaction, teamwork and sales.
Anna Tian
Communications Director. Brand building, PR, communications, creative partnerships, work with the personal brand of the first persons, in general, all external manifestations of N1 - Anna's work.
Dmytro Zubko
Growth Director. Effectively builds the work of teams and properly allocates resources. Assists in formulating strategies, setting up and optimizing business processes, setting priorities and achieving goals.
Nina Kazakova
HR business Partner. Achieving the company's goals through staffing.
Hiring, evaluation, training, motivation system development. Implementation of changes. Hunting.
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